“Imagine….the Sheer, Unbridled Joy
of Having A Recession-ProofLifestyle Business That Allows
You To Make An Impact & Make Money While Traveling The World 
By Using This Proven Formula..."
Next Event: February 6th - 7th, 2019*
Luke Hawkins
Founder Luke Hawkins Coaching - #1 NLP training company in Australia!
"I'm very grateful for Carolina's support. She helped me get to my first $1 Million Dollars and reach a much bigger audience using her funnels, ads and Webinar Strategy!"
Can "Marketing RockStars LIVE" Change Your Life?"
If You're Looking To Change Your Life, Generate An Impact, Make Your Dreams Come True, Make More Money Than You Ever Dreamed Of Before And Design Your Life, This Is The Most Important Message You'll Read, Here's Why:
From the Desk of Carolina Millán:

Dear Friend:

I Am Rolling Out The RED CARPET And Inviting YOU to join an elite group of current and future entrepreneurs... including many that went from-debt-to-freedom at-blazing-speed, men and women who leverage each new discovery into bigger income, more wealth and more liberated lives.

This as preliminary and advance information about my upcoming event, this year "pumped up on steroids"....so, should you act early and register as result of this first letter, you will save as much as $3,000 in discounts that will NOT be offered again.

Anyway, here's what this is all about...

The Ultimate Advantage
This ONE advantage instantly makes you superior to all your competitors. This advantage pays you the highest fees, and easily attracts (quality) clients without any effort. It stimulates a cycle of success that spikes your fame and fortune.

That one special advantage I’m talking about is achieving: Branding.

More specifically, Celebrity Expert Status Branding.

If you want financial success, the fastest way to get there is to Brand yourself so that you're just a little bit famous. I’m not talking about A-List Hollywood celebrity “Brad Pitt” and “Angeline Jolie” famous.


You don’t have to be anywhere near that famous. I mean being “Niche Famous”. You becoming a celebrity in your own small corner of the world… the corner that gives you money. That’s because…

When you’re the most celebrated person in your niche, you’re almost automatically the highest paid and most sought-after.

You don’t chase Clients. Clients chase you.
You don’t discount fees. Clients pay what you ask.
Clients trust you instead of trusting anyone else.
You don't hope you get clients and sales. You bring them in, in a predictable way.

Once I mastered how to Brand myself as the GO-To expert, my days of being a worn-out, tired marketer, working around the clock with nothing to show for it were over.

When you build your own brand and business on the internet, you eliminate the competition (you are unique, there's only one person that can offer what you have to offer) and the ability to use the internet to attract clients on demand makes your business recession-proof.

And I'm going to show you how you can do the SAME at my next Marketing RockStars Live Workshop which is happening on...
February 6th and 7th in Miami, FL! 

I strongly believe in the Power of Execution. Like Tony Robbins says
"Execution is the Mother of Skill."

I remember when I would just learn and learn, and just go to big
seminars and not implement. When I finally started doing, things
changed drastically for me. It all changed when I attended to my first
That's me when I was dead broke working out of my bedroom at my parents' house back in 2008. See the Alice in Chains posters? ;)
But I wasn't always successful. I didn't have a recipe when I started. I wish someone had given it to me sooner!  

My journey as an entrepreneur started in 2008, working out of my parents house, but not without struggle. I was 23 years old when I went to my first job interview, fresh out of University, and I couldn't believe it when I got a call back. I was so happy. 
Little did I know that by getting into a job, I was just getting caught into what Robert Kiyosaki refers to as "the most evil plot ever pulled upon a human being". That's right, he's referring to The Paycheck

Six months into my job, I realized that it was nothing more than paid slavery, that I was practically selling my soul, and so I decided it was time for a change.

So I did what most people do, and I got what most people getNo Results.

I invested in books, I tried MLM, I bought leads, I bought online course after online course. I joined program after program, looking for the silver bullet. I even went to some of those hotel meetings and walked out terrified! I made lists of family and friends I never even talked to and tried to convince them to buy my network marketing products. Non of those things worked.

I used to be one of those people who dreaded Monday's and looked forward to Friday's. Unknowingly, it turned out I hated about 70% of my life. Can you relate? In 2010 I decided to quit my job and try make it as a freelance Social Media Consultant. I got a few clients here and there, but it was barely enough to replace my salary. It was also really unpredictable.
Sometimes at night I was consumed by fear thinking "what if I have to look for another job again?"

My family needed me. My mom was diagnosed with a liver tumor in 2012, and by then I had been in the game struggling for 4 years! So I made a decision to be bold, invest in myself, get Mentors and FOCUS.

Fast Forward until today... My life has changed radically since then! 

My Results Are NOT Typical. But I can tell you this: whatever your dream is, you can go after it. Don't go after other people's dreams, but your own. 
**Here are Some Highlights From Last Year's Rock Star Live Event ** 
Next Event: February 6th - 7th, 2019*
Photo from our last Workshop in London, UK!
This brings me to the reason you're here, reading this letter. I have a strong desire to grow and contribute. The only way for me to grow and contribute, is by helping you achieve success, by helping you become a Leader
Holding my Two-Comma Club Award, given to me by Russell Brunson and Clickfunnels for having built a 7-Figure funnel with their platform! 
I like to keep my workshops and events small, so that I can personally help the people who trust me enough to show up, learn and play full out. 

So if you're expecting to attend an event where you just take notes and "hopefully do something when you get home" this isn't the event for you.
Photo of one of our Private Masterminds in Miami, FL
However, if you're ready to see RESULTS, if you're tired of doing the same thing and not getting the outcome you want, then this is for you.

I'm looking for people who are HUNGRY and COMMITTED. Hungry for Success, for Change, hungry to generate an IMPACT in their lives and in the World. 
I'm looking for Entrepreneurs who have something of VALUE to offer and want to genuinely change the lives of their customers.
During two days I will be sharing with you my best Marketing, Branding and Business Strategies to build a successful Digital Business in 2019 and beyond.

Here's What The Program Will Look Like:
  • Your Branding - Finding the right message, your true WHY, and the right audience for you, the people who will benefit the most from what you have to offer. We'll show you how to help people by helping them (like main man Frank Kern says).
  • Your Content Strategy. When it comes to running a successful online business, LESS is MORE. Don't get caught up with all the "stuff" the gurus are telling you to do. We'll show you how to get FOCUSED on creating content that is tied around your brand and your offer.
  • Your Offer - We will show you how to craft an irresistible offer to sell your digital products and services. Whether you're an affiliate or have your own info products, you'll be able to create offers in a way that makes you the ONLY option in front of your prospect. You'll discover how to make offers without sounding salesy, and most importantly, without the need to be a mastery copywriter.
  • Your Marketing System - The system you will leverage in order to automate parts of your business! I'll show you how to create your ideal Lead Magnet, and I will walk you through a detailed and proven to work sales webinar template, which will be given to you. 
  • Your Traffic - We will focus on how to use advanced FB Advertising strategies to start generating leads for your business in a very strategic and predictable way!
PLUS - if you're a VIP ticket holder, you'll get 6 weeks of direct support from Me after the event, to ensure you keep the Momentum going! 

The Schedule: We will work from 9am until 1pm and then from 2:30pm until 7pm each day.

MY GOAL: that you walk out of this Workshop not only with the tools and the recipe you need to succeed, but also with at least one advertising campaign set up and one ad campaign running for your business. For this to happen you have to commit to implement everything I tell you. It's Time for you to become the RockStar You Already Are!
Can you do this?

  • Proven Sales Webinar Template - I'll share with you my own fill in the blanks webinar template that has already made me hundreds of thousands of dollars. ($997 value)
  • Proven Phone Sales Script - I'll share with you a proven phone sales script so you can close high ticket clients over the phone. ($197 value)
  • 2 of My Best Funnels - I'll share with you my Lead Magnet funnel and my Webinar Funnel (you'll need clickfunnels for this)
  • A video with ME! - You'll get to record a 3 video together with me that you can use in your marketing. ($997 value)
  • 6 weeks of additional support from me (for VIP ticket holders). - You'll get three private group calls with me, where we'll go over your progress, keep you accountable and help you tweak your campaigns and answer all your questions! ($1,997 value)
  • Full recordings of the event (for VIP ticket holders) - We'll record the entire event and send you the recordings so you wan relive it!  ($997 value)
This doesn't even consider the actual workshop ticket value, interactions, teachings and implementation you'll get on these two days! 

You'll walk out of this event not only with notes and a road map to crush it in 2019, you'll also walk out with a system ready to run! 
I will be hosting two workshops in 2019! One in Europe and one in The United States! Our US Workshop will be on February 6th & 7th  2019, and our Europe Workshop in June 2019.

In the meantime, the sooner you apply for a spot, the better, as you'll benefit from the early bird ticket pricing!

My goal for 2019 is to help as many Entrepreneurs as possible to build their online Brand and create multiple income streams to reach 6 figures. 
For that reason I've decided to make this event super affordable for a limited time! The sooner you take action, the deeper the discount! However, I'd still like to talk to you before you buy, hence the application form. I want to make sure that the people who show up will get the value from it :) 

Standard ticket
or two payments of $997
*Price increases to $1997 on Jan 25th
  • 2 full days at Marketing Rockstars Workshop
  • Webinar Template
  • Phone Sales Script
  • My Webinar Funnel Template 
  • My Lead Magnet Template
  • A video with me! 
  • Lunch & snacks
  • -
  • -
  • -
VIP ticket
or two payments of $1497
*Price increases to $2997 on Jan 25th
  • 2 full days at Marketing Rockstars Workshop
  • Webinar Template
  • Phone Sales Script
  • My Webinar Funnel Template 
  • My Lead Magnet Template
  • A video with me!
  • Lunch & snacks
  • 6 weekly private group calls
  • Recordings of the event
  • Recordings of my previous Mastermind
At this workshop we will focus on IMPLEMENTATION. You'll walk out of there with a clear plan, and if you're courageous enough, you'll have a system in place ready to generate online sales for your Business. 

When you're immersed in this environment, not only you get your questions answered, but we're able to make sure everybody is getting the recipe right.

So if you're tired of losing, tired of the uncertainty, tired of relying on "hope" to live by, tired of spinning around with no direction, but ready to make the change you need, then this is for you.

Execution is EVERYTHING and there is no better time than NOW.
Over the past few years I've invested close to $120,000 USD in Myself, in Workshops, Masterminds, Mentors, Courses and Events! And YOU get to Leverage and Benefit from all of that Experience when you choose me as your Mentor! For a very small fraction of what I've invested, you get to look over my shoulder! I wouldn't ask you to invest in my Workshops, products and services if I wasn't investing in me as well.
With Sam Ovens
And yes, I get to sit in the audience sometimes too, that's how I keep improving myself ! 
Visiting beautiful Iceland
Some of my results promoting Clickfunnels as an affiliate just recently
With Brendon Burchard
Speaking at Affiliate Summit in New York City in front of 150 people
Living the laptop lifestyle in Fiji
Over $200,000 selling my own products and services through WEBINARS (what you'll learn here)
"Carolina is excellent explaining things, she goes through everything in fine detail, you should definitely come to one of her courses"
Ron Downey, Workshop attendee London 
"This has been one hell of a weekend and I'm truly grateful, I learnt so much! I love this kind of Mastermind because it's more intimate. Being able to share ideas and learn from people who are really successful. If you want to make your dream a reality, Carolina is one of the greatest people to learn from. Find a way, make it happen and be here." 
- Lorrie Van Ness, VIP Mastermind Attendee
"Carolina is one of the truly caring people that I know. She helped me make $20,000 in my business!."
Katie Munch, Mastermind Attendee Miami
"Carolina has been my Mentor, my Coach, everything I want to be when I grow up! She shares everything she learns, she's fabulous, I recommend her very much!" 
- Connie Cantillo, VIP Mastermind Attendee, Miami
The testimonials you see on this page are real. Real people that I've met, worked with or learnt from. Students and Mentors, who can speak for me. And of course, some of our past Mastermind and Workshop attendees! 

I know I got what it takes to help you. So the real question is, Do You want to Help Yourself?
"I'm very grateful for Carolina's support. She helped me get to my first $1Million and reach a much bigger audience using her funnels, ads and Webinar Strategy!"
Luke Hawkins
Founder Luke Hawkins Coaching - Which now is the #1 NLP training company in Australia!
"From just one coaching call with Carolina I got strategies to implement that generated $13,000 Dollars in sales for my business through a webinar!! 
She's been an amazing Mentor!"
Chiara Francica
Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Crypto Trader
T.J. Rohleder
America's Bluejeans Millionaire
Grant Cardone
"I am thrilled to recommend Carolina to all of my Clients. She has an Amazing Success Story to tell, she loves teaching others how to make a lot of money...and most important: she cares deeply about everyone she helps. A truly rare person indeed yet you have one right here. TAKE ACTION and let her begin to help you make all the money you want and deserve..."
"I am SO Excited to be spending time with you. I always get inspired by your Snaps you send to me. I love you, you're awesome, and you deserve to have great, unbelievable things happen for you." - Grant Cardone
Some of the Industry Leaders I've Been Able To Connect With...
Gary Vaynerchuk
Nik Halik
Tony Robbins
Jeremy Schoemaker 'Shoemoney'
Russell Brunson
Grant Cardone
Do You Really Want To Learn What It Takes To Succeed in Business at this Day and Age, Build A Celebrity-Type Brand Online and Make 6 and 7 Figures Per Year Online, Whilst Changing People's Lives?
It doesn't really matter how much money you want to make, what matters is your purpose. I'm here to help you make your own positive impact through your products and services!

When you're in a Private Workshop environment like mine, your questions not only get answered, but you get my attention

We're keeping these events small because we want to add as much value as possible.

If you you don't have a dime to your name and you think this will make you some fast cash, forget it, this is not for you. In fact, there is no such thing as fast easy cash with no effort. It takes Hard Work to get what you want!

If you are someone who takes full responsibility for their results, for their life, then I want you to be there.

My vision is to create a network of successful entrepreneurs, a peer group who can also add value to each other! 

So if you know it's time to build your own successful Digital Business, if you're an action taker, but you need that push, that guidance, that mentorship that we can provide, then click on that orange button and apply and let's talk!

"In 2 days working with Carolina I got brand new results I never had in years working in my business!"
Karine Renaud, Digital Marketer from Canada
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